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About Us

Brief History

Kaizen Softservices is the outcome of strong belief about inventions in software technology. Back in 2008, android phones were the hot mobility device. The "Web" was something you cleaned out of a corner. In that period of time the big brand names of web was looking to target into mobile market. We started our journey in first half of 2015, with the ambition to deliver best solutions and service to our clients.

Supporting our mission, our strategy is to apply a laser-like focus to help our customers prosper through One Intuit Ecosystem that:

  • Puts more money in their pockets through       data-driven services,
  • Eliminates work through innovative       technology
  • Provides complete confidence that they can       do it right – by themselves – with complete       confidence.
  • Assurance of Quality work
  • Help to design business process
  • The most important, TRUST and RELIABLE       SERVICE

As the way we live and work evolves, we adapt our strategy to meet and lead these changes. No matter where you find us – and whether you use our products on your PC, mobile phone or tablet – we remain committed to creating new and easier ways for consumers and businesses to tackle life's financial chores, giving them more time to live their lives and run their businesses.

Clients Testimonials

Our Skills

C, Java, android, iphone, .Net, Python 90%
UI Design, Logo design, Wordpress CMS 60%
Spring, hibernet, php, & JavaScirp 75%